Process Steps

Shown below is an example of the process steps we use where early engagement of the music team is required for a particular project.

Taking the need for music for a new film as an example, firstly and post agreement, we would look to be a supporting part of the film production team. The following illustrates the basic steps we work through in support of the Director / Producer.


Step 1:

Starting with a copy of the film script or synopsis, we can digest and glean the direction of travel, and listen attentively to the Director’s and / or Producer’s objectives, for the overall concept and storyline arc. In some cases, when required, we flesh out the music on piano or other acoustic instrument to get a first sense of what might work, for example if a theme based approach is required. Then we road test the synopsis with credible alternatives.

Step 2:

Still ahead of the mainstream project, we will produce some high quality ‘temp tracks’ based on ideas, references and feedback from the Director/Producer’s initial briefing. We generally do this within a 2 to 4 week time period (less if required). This timescale also depends on the size of the project and feedback opportunities.We find that “early listening” helps to draw a consensus for the creative direction of the music and the appropriate path for the project as a whole. This early communication and exchange often proves invaluable in setting the whole mood and atmosphere for the film’s creation.

Step 3:

During the production process we largely follow conventional practice, but will also capitalise on the investment created earlier. During the rough scoring stage we will take the approved elements of the director/producer’s vision and insert the bespoke material, whether it be original, cover version, a particular requested track or sound design. The agenda at this stage is to have clear communication with the client with clarity, flexibility and maximum creativity to make sure the filmmakers are happy and excited with the deliverables at this stage.

Step 4:

For final scoring and signing off of the material. The final scoring process concentrates on the refinement of production, the “finishing touches” for final integration of the film’s soundtrack. We have high quality skills to do digital productions, and also work with live artists & orchestras depending on client preference and the needs of the film.

The team has a lot of experience in the whole music editing process in line with international standards. We are always happy to work closely with Directors and Producers to achieve their vision as a whole.

Note – Where early engagement of the music team is not required we recognise that many of the elements of steps 1 and 2 are not necessary within the agreed schedule for production.

Composers / Producers:

David P Gardner

Jonas C Persson

Casper McQueen

James O Gardner

Casting Director / Film Producer:

Steve Daly


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