Our commitment is always to provide original and innovative music solutions for films and other media platforms. According to the needs of the project, music can be introduced at any stage; from the initial script, synopsis or early production. Creative material can then be integrated and developed in a bespoke and tailored fashion to correspond with the Director's / Producer's vision for the end product. Our flexibility is a key asset, so if you wish to go down the more traditional route, we can definitely accommodate you.

Are there advantages of early engagement for the music?

It’s important to say that this method is not every Director’s preference, but there certainly has been a positive upward trend in this direction. On the subject of films this can be (among other things) helpful with trailers for films that are still in pre-production; also for film festivals when selling or promoting your ideas. Having your own bespoke music can pack more of a creative punch. It can also help galvanise the Director’s vision early on, assisting in a fully green-lit production.

If and when required we will then read the script and listen carefully to the objectives set by the Director / Producer / Writer(s); Then we start to bear creative fruit within guidelines set by the client. Working to challenging deadlines is normal and routine for the Pandora’s Music Box team.

Other traditional platforms we do include:
  • Films
  • Television
  • Adverts
  • Trailers
  • Documentaries
  • Games
  • Apps
  • Corporate Media
  • Social media
  • Videos

… and most other online multimedia outlets.

We are equally happy to work in the more time honoured traditional manner as well. We always respect the preference of the Director/Producer.

“Let the music do the talking”

How we can help you

Some examples of recent requests that we’ve received :-

” We don’t like the music we have, we need a new score, time is running out, can you help? “

“A particular song is proving difficult to clear and very expensive, can you provide something bespoke and just as good, or produce a cover version fast? Can you help? “

” I’m going to a film festival with my script, I need some mood music to tell my story with more of an impact, can you help? “

“We’re halfway through film production, but could miss a window to promote our film. We’ve put together a trailer – can you provide the music by next week? “

The answer to all these questions was a resounding “ YES ! “

The Pandora’s Music Box team has creative methods to suit your process choice and what we give you will always be high quality, timely and very cost effective.

What our clients say…

I have had the pleasure of working with David and his Company Pandora's Music Box for the soundtrack of my film OPEN. The way we interacted was absolutely smooth. I was based in Barcelona and the music team was in the UK. We could exchange the information about the film from day one. And what is most important, once I submitted to David the final cut, they were capable of making an incredible soundtrack that captured the essence of what we wanted to convey. Everything done in a smooth and client oriented way that left me completely satisfied. The film is fully enhanced thanks to the sound track. Great thanks.

Victor Esteban Solé, Director - OPEN