David P Gardner

Director and Composer

David has been commercially successful in industry for many years and has composed music over the same period with his favourite instrument being the piano. He started writing material for film and other commercial media in 2015 and has set up the Pandora’s Music Box Company as an entity within his consultancy trading as GADS Ltd.


Jonas C Persson

Composer / Arranger / Music Editor

Jonas is a highly successful composer with considerable experience of creating original material for different media; especially film. As well as creative composition, he has excelled as a highly competent music editor and is experienced in the application of digital effects.


Casper McQueen

Composer / Writer / Producer

Casper has worked successfully in the media industry for many years and has carried out different roles as a music producer, composer and highly talented musician. He has a special skill for determining appropriate music styles for new films and is also a writer. Worked with: A&M Records, EMI, Universal, Bryan Morrison Publishing, Sire Records, MTV, Ginger Productions, Pepsi, Lloyds, BMW.


James O Gardner


James is a talented composer of great original music pieces and is a very accomplished pianist. Some of his work is interestingly unorthodox and often forms the basis for unusual incidental music for film.


Steve Daly

Film Producer / Casting Director

Steve is an accomplished actor and more recently a successful Film Producer and Casting Director. He has brought to Pandora’s Music Box tremendous experience of film-making and the context for music production across a wide variety of genres.